Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude

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Photo from: Google

Words to consider in today’s Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude

Nosotros podemos aprender a encontrar la felicidad en cumplir, calladamente, la labor y la misión que el Señor nos ha encomendado en la vida. “Te aconsejo que no busques la alabanza propia, ni siquiera la que merecerías: es mejor pasar oculto, y que lo más hermoso y noble de nuestra actividad, de nuestra vida, quede escondido… ¡Qué grande es este hacerse pequeños!: “Deo omnis gloria!” toda la gloria, para Dios”.

“We too can rejoice in carrying out God’s Will by quietly fulfilling the work and mission the Lord has entrusted to us in our life, no matter how modest our tasks may seem. I advise you not to look for praise, even when you deserve it. It is better to pass unnoticed, and to let the most beautiful and noble aspects of our actions, of our lives, remain hidden. What a great thing it is to become little! ‘Deo omnis gloria!’ – all the glory to God!”

-J. Escrivá, The Forge, pt.1051

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By: Rev. Fr. Mark Emman Sese

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