Finance Ministry

Finance Ministry

inance Ministry aims to educate the parishioners on the true meaning of the sharing of time, talent, and treasure leading to active participation and involvement.

It engages in the following activities: education to increase social awareness on generosity, providing a system of transparency leading to increased productivity of parish finances, and activity Christian commitment through tithing and proper use of resources.

Finance Ministry handles the Kaakbay Tithing Project and the Construction Fundraising project.


The Basic Ecclesial Communities or the B.E.C’s are adopted by the parish to enhance pastoral action and bring it to the level of the smaller communities, especially neighborhood families.

To date, there are twenty seven BECs, each broken down to smaller units known as “Sub-Kawan”.  Kawan is a tagalong term for “sheepfold”, a herd of sheep lovingly supervised by the shepherd.

Officially launched last May 20, 2000, the Basic Ecclesial Communities are now in its third year of existence, with pastoral activities more deeply experienced by the parishioners.  They engage in a fourfold realities of communio or fellowship, sharing of the word of God (bibliarazal), celebrating the Eucharist, and sharing of resources through the social apostolate and modified tithing known as the “Kaakbay” , a tagalog word that connotes companionship even in trials.

The Parish Congress that was held last May 3-4, 2001 even sharpened the focus of the parish and prioritize five basic concerns, which immediately created five ministries to addresses these concerns:  Spiritual Formation, Social Services and Development, Youth, Family and Life, and Finances.  Each of these ministries regulate all activities to deliver pastoral services to the people like job opportunities, Catechesis for children and adults, youth activities, marriage encounters, seminars and trainings for finances and community organizing.

We still have to realize the smallest unit of being church that consists of five to ten families, all enhancing the reality of the family as the domestic church.  That is why our vision until 2006 is “to be a genuine Parish consisting of a families united in a deep faith and living according to the will of God through the Blessed Mother Mary, our Lady of the Poor.”

The smaller communities are as follows:

  1. Kawan ni San Jose, Sitio Uno: Lawton Ave. to Kalayaan Ave.
  2. Kawan ng Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Sitio Dos: Sitio uno to Kalayaan Ave.
  3. Kawan ni San Pablo, Sitio Tres: Sitio dos to DSWD (Dept. of Social Welfare and Devt.)
  4. Kawan ni San Vicente Ferrer, Katipunan 1:East Service Road to Orchids St., Sunflower St. to Rose St.
  5. Kawan ni St. Benedict, Katipunan 2:  Sunflower St., Ilang ilang St., Sampaguita St. Dama de Noche to  Calachuchi St.
  6. Kawan ni San Lorenzo Ruiz, Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 1:  Champaca St., Avocado St., Bayabas St., Damong Maria St., to Banato St.
  7. Kawan ni San Rafael, Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 2: Banato St., Damong Maria St., Dawag St., Duhat St., Palo Maria St., Kasoy St., Bani St.
  8. Kawan ni St. Augustine,  Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 3:
  9. Bani St., Kasoy St., Sampalok St., Sambong St., to  Champaca St.
  10. Kawan ni San Roque,  Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 4:  Dayap St., Duhat St., Sampaguita St., Kabuyao St., to Sampalok St.
  11. Kawan ni San Martin de Porres, Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 5:  Kabuyao St., Sampaguita St., Sambong St., to Sampalok St.
  12. Kawan ni San Miguel, Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 6:  Champaca St., Sambong St., Kalamansi St. to LRT St.
  13. Kawan ni St. Francis of Assisi,  Blk. 10 Sto. Niño 7:  Calamansi St., Sambong St., Sampaguita St. to LRT St.
  14. Kawan ni St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Tenement 1: Ground Floor. to 3rd Floor
  15. Kawan ni Sta. Monica, Tenement 2:  3rd Floor  to 7th Floor.
  16. Kawan ni St. Margaret, TUP Compound: TUP Compound to Sampaguita St.
  17. Kawan ni St. Camillus, PNR/Veterans: PNR to Veterans Center
  18. Kawan ni Our Lady of Lourdes, Sitio Masagana:  Masagana to East Service Road
  19. Kawan ni Blessed Pedro Calungsod, Upper BLC:  Bldg. 27 to Bldg. 44
  20. Kawan ni St. Jude, Lower BLC: Bldg. 1 to Bldg. 26
  21. Kawan ni San Juan Bautista, EP Village 1:  Blk. 1, Blk. 2, Blk.4 to Blk. 8
  22. Kawan ni San Andres, EP Village 2:  Blk. 9 to Blk. 13
  23. Kawan ni San Pedro, EP Village 3:  Blk. 14, Blk. 24, Blk. 25 to Blk. 21
  24. Kawan ni St. Thomas Apostles, EP Village 4:  Blk. 26, Blk. 35, to Blk. 37
  25. Kawan ni Sta. Ana, Sitio Maliwanag 1: Sitio Maliwanag to 11 Family
  26. Kawan ni San Gabriel, Sitio Maliwanag 2: Balatan Ext. to C-5 Road.
  27. Kawan ni San Antonio de Padua, BCDA:  Bldg. 1 to Bldg. 25

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