Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is committed to guide its fellow youth toward a renewed spirituality, deepen their social consciousness and Christian participation.

It engages in various renewal programs for the youth, regular prayer meetings, discussion of social and moral issues affecting youth, and skills training and productivity.

Among its important departments are the following:

  1. Young people’s ministries – for young people who recently took confirmation till high school levels.  They organize young people’s circles, peer counseling and special topics, interpersonal relationships, parent-children relationships, sports development, and career counseling.
  2. College Ministry – provides skills training for out-of-school youth; peer counseling, youth productivity, and vocation seminars.
  3. Young adult Ministries –  provides help for job opportunities, orients to marital and family life as well as priestly and religious life; leadership training, advocacy and values, and assisting other youth ministries.
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