Family & Life Ministry

Family and Life Ministry

The Family and Life Ministries is committed to deepen the faith of all families in the parish, strengthen their commitment to family and life (vs. anti-life policies), and guide toward social consciousness and development.

Among its important activities are: Christian life programs, family encounters, marriage encounter, pre-cana or encounter weekend, natural family planning, organizing the BECs as community of Christian families, and spearheading campaigns that promote family and life.

Thus, the following are some of the major departments of the Family and Life Ministries:

  1. Pre-cana – orientation on the sacrament of Marriage, family life, encounter weekends, and coordinating weddings;
  2. Family Spirituality and Growth Groups – conducting regular prayer sessions for families (integration with BEC); topical discussions regarding family spirituality; undergoing the various stages of family life; celebration of silver, golden and diamond anniversaries;
  3. Marital and Family Counseling – on-going counseling sessions, linkages with DSWD and Bantay Bata; handling special cases affecting families;
  4. Responsible Parenthood and Natural Family Planning – on-going education, services, and doing advocacy work;
  5. Ministry to the Elderly – conducts house visitations to the elderly; orienting the young to take care of their parents; reception of the eucharist
  6. Bereavement Ministry – prayer services, counseling family members
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